The Process of the Project:

Our best creative result is done with a systematic process from the beginning to completion. From obtaining / evaluating your land, design, permits, construction as a complete package.

To advance the building plan, related various processes and vendors would be necessary for each stages (design – construction – completion). These stages are required by the land acquisition and operational objectives, and many other regulations, so we would also give advice and explanations according to your purpose.


September 15

First Contact

By e-mail or phone to initially convey your needs/ aspiration what you want to build and possible advice on certain issues to take attention to be most effective , especially on the issue of acquiring the land (if you haven’t yet done so) , issues of permits and the whole process of design and constructing the project.
September 15

Initial Counseling (Free)

Preferably meeting to review your aspiration more in detail and discussed further with our team , such as the design style, preferences , items that is important to you. We can provide you some ideas ,alternative possibilities with the limited site data . We can discuss the whole process , including that there will be other Consultants needed eventually in the total work (the Structure , MEP, Interior ,even obtaining permits that is often done by an Agent,Estimators and the Contractors).
September 15

Conceptual Design

If you are interested, we can proceed with a Site Inspection and provice you a Conceptual Design based on your ideas and site information . This include some basic layout and some 3D images for you to see whether the design is according to your taste . Depending on the complexity, size and type of Facility, we require a Deposit of a minimum RP 10 million to Rp30 million ).

Note: The accuracy of the Land Information (Land Map) is very important and we recommend for you to obtain this as a prerequisite

The Deposit is a sincere gesture of the process to test the waters, where if the design ideas is potentially attractive to your taste, we will continue and deducted it to the eventual agreed Architecture Fee that we often based on the prevailing market in the region (Bali).
September 15

Agreement Contract

Signing the formal agreement (Contract) to proceed the works. We usually use preprinted standard (and detailed) contracts used either with the Japanese or American or Indonesian Professional Association formats.
September 15

Basic Design

The Design Process are broken into “3 DESIGN STAGES”(a.o.Schematic Design Preliminary Design Phase, Design Development) follows the Standards specified in these Contracts commonly practiced in these countries. For simplicity purposes, some of the Stages can be combined.

We prefer that each end of these Phases, to have a meeting , approval and so the process continues. Detailed explanation of how this efficient Design Phases are organized are written in a Client Information Sheet .
September 15

Construction Document

Based on the basic design,we would produce a Construction Document package which consist of all the information required for the CONTRACTOR to properly Tender and eventually how to build the project ( this include the Drawing set ,the Specification, the Bill of Quantities).
September 15

Tender (estimation cost and construction company selection)

At this stage, we recommend for you to invite a minimum of 3 or 4 Construction Companies(Contractors) to do the estimation cost based on the Construction Document for Bid. Upon the Submission of these various Contractor, we would evaluate , check their bid of any errors/ omission as well as any possible mark ups etc. and recommend you which is the best one to do the work. Technique level, their previous works records, etc. Then we would give recommendation to project owner, which is the best choice among the participants based on their estimated cost and works level. If the Bids does not meet the budget , there might be some adjustment to the specs.

After the construction company is decided, project owner would make an agreement contract with the construction company and we would be a witness.

In special case,the Construction Company could be chosen directly by the project owner/clients if they have connection with a good works and trusted Construction Company.
September 15

Construction Supervision (Site Inspection and Guidance)

Depending on the Location of the type of Project, we will include periodic SITE Inspection of about a total of a common practice of 14 site visits. Some larger and more complex project, we recommend a Site Architect on the job.

We also provide the construction improvement request form and instruct the contractor to redo, improve or repair the works on the site that are not complying the drawings, specs and standards.
October 16


There is a standar process of Project Closing , that are conducted minimal in three stages: Pre Final Completion with a Final Corrention Check List, Final Competion and Contingency Maintenance Period (of a standard minimal 4 months period and passing one raining season).